Rain Lily Design, Austin, TX, AIA tour
Come see us at the AIA tour
We designed and installed the landscaping at a the "Wolfden", featured in the front page of the AIA tour site this year. Our goal was to contrast the linear, finely rendered minimalism of the house with a blunt, natural exterior. In a kind of macho minimalism, our designer, Rebecca Cely, used only big shapes and oversized members so that the landscape reflects the shapes of the interior of the house, writ in a raw, brute language. Our installation involved some Egyptian ingenuity - these slablike 8’x8’x1’ boulders weigh more than a car. The spare, functional interior of the house wraps around the “natural” courtyard to create a dichotomy wherein you can sit on a couch, distinctly indoors but surrounded by landscaping, in a state of limbo between interior and exterior. Check out the link to the Wolf Den: www.aiahomestour.com
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