Echo Shore Cove

A bocce court, expanded deck, natural play space, and a variety of new plants transformed this home in southwest Austin. The yard was taking on large amounts of water from uphill neighbors during our Texas downpours. A retaining wall planter, hidden inlets and swales, and a seat wall redirect the water to the perimeter of the property and down to the street gutter. The existing concrete deck was covered with decking and expanded to create a large entertaining space. The built in bench contains planters that drip with succulents and mangaves. With two small children there was a need for usable play space. The entire side yard was transformed into a natural playscape using reclaimed stumps, sand pit, and bean pole teepee. A slide was built into the staircase and a tree swing suspended from the existing oaks. Working with the sloped front yard, large plants reduced the scale division between yard and home.