Rosewood Avenue Residence

Downtown views, rooftop decks, and a guest house in Rosewood begged to be given some much needed love. The space between the main house and guest house had a large grade change over a short distance making a sunken courtyard the perfect solution. Black gravel screenings comprise the patio seating area under the canopy of a Mexican Sycamore. Blooming perennials and soft evergreens flank the path to the main house back door. The front yard contains a small lawn area for kids to play that is intersected by two irregular xeric planting beds. The lacey foliage of the Desert Museum tree provides a contrast to the solid facade of the home while the agaves and tall lady slippers give structure to the surface. With four outdoor living spaces above the ground plane several planters were in order to alleviate the sea of hardscape. The main living space porch is screened with bamboo and hanging planters overflow with bouganvilla. The rooftop deck touts 360 degree views and the planters help to define the open space with tall lady slippers in the lounge area and columnar cactus and succulents in the dining space. This project allowed us to think beyond the constraints of grading, small lot size, and vertical challenges to produce an overall immersive design.